About The British Friends of Bar-Ilan University


Mission Statement of British Friends of Bar-Ilan University:

The great task for a university is the enhancement of scientific knowledge and the preparation of the next generation of leadership.

A registered UK Charity, the British Friends of Bar-Ilan University is the face of Bar-Ilan in the UK. As the official representative of Bar-Ilan, the BFBIU is aimed at promoting the activities and growth of the University.

Our offices serve to link the community with Israel’s fastest growing institute of higher education.

The BFBIU is actively involved in raising funds that will ensure the growth and ongoing development of the University. Financial support that is raised is geared towards both physical facilities and academic- research oriented programs. Providing student scholarships and bringing brilliant returning scientists back to Israel are just some examples of how the BFBIU driven donations are impacting on the University, on the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

Gifts to British Friends of Bar-Ilan University qualify for Giftaid, giving us the opportunity to claim tax on the donor’s behalf, thus increasing the donation by 28%.

We are happy to welcome you at our Baker Street offices and would be glad to respond to any inquires you may have. Please feel free to contact us at: info@bfbiu.org, 020 7486 7394.

Members of the Board:

Mr. Romie Tager QC – Chairman

Mr. Shlomo Rechtschaffen LLM MBA – Executive Director

Prof Eric Moonman– Board Member

Dr. (Hon) David Gradel – Board Member

Ms. Eva Greenspan – Board Member

Mr. Doron Cohen – Board Member

Sir Bernard Rix – Hon. Vice President