British Projects at Bar-ilan

Some of the projects at Bar-Ilan that have come about through the support of BFBIU.

The Tager Family Jewish Law Program

This is a groundbreaking initiative, sponsored by our Chairman, Mr. Romie Tager QC and his wife Esther, that applies ancient Jewish law to contemporary issues. The program involves an annual international conference on areas of Jewish law and the interrelationship between law and religion, publication of books on Jewish law and fellowships of excellence to doctoral students in the field of Jewish law and the interrelationship between law and religion.

Beit HaRav Jakobovits - The Sami Shamoon Centre - Study of Ethics, Philosophy and Jewish Thought

We acknowledge the Patrons, Sponsors and all participating members of the community, and in particular Dr Sami Shamoon for their support in establishing this centre.

The 5 storey building includes the Gradel Wing sponsored by the Gradel Family; The Lady Amelie Jakobovits Floor, a striking entrance hall adorned by a portrait of the late Chief Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits, the 126 seat Angela Shamoon Auditorium that provides a distinguished venue for prestigious national and international forums; and the Alexandra Shamoon classroom unit. The Centre is the home of the Department of Philosophy, the Mousseiff Centre for Kaballah research; the Philosophy Library, and the “Philosophy” and “Daat” journals. The building was dedicated in June 2006 in the presence of Israeli and British dignitaries.

Dangoor Program of Universal Monotheism

The Dangoor Program of Universal Monotheism was spearheaded by Dr. Naim Dangoor and conducts a wide range of interdisciplinary activities in order to cultivate real peace through truth, ethics, and action in the broad common ground shared by Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other monotheists.

Dangoor Scholarship Students Programmes

Through the largesse of Dr. Naim Dangoor, OBE, Bar-Ilan University was able to grant one time financial assistance to 500 undergraduate students from all of our faculties. This was the first gift in the University’s history that benefited so many students at one time and the recipients, faculty and staff are most appreciative of this noble gesture.
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