Bar-Ilan University’s Presidential Award of Distinction is awarded to Mrs. Esther Marianne Tager

The Bar-Ilan University Presidential Award of Distinction is awarded to Mrs. Esther Marianne Tager in recognition of her philanthropic leadership in the Jewish community.

Esther Marianne Tager has been actively involved in many important projects, charities and institutions.

Esther and her husband Romie were instrumental in establishing the Tager Autism Center at Ravenwood, the residential facility near London for those suffering from learning disabilities run by Norwood (the UK’s leading Jewish charity for families and children); and the new Teenage Resource Center Care Support Organization’s flagship centre in North West London. They are patrons of the Prince’s Teaching Trust and various other charities. Dedicated friends of the Bar-Ilan University community (Romie is a BIU trustee and chairs the British Friends of Bar-Ilan), they sponsor a number of publications as well as annual prizes in Jewish legal research at the Faculty of Law.


Esther Tager receives the Presidential Award of Distinction from Bar-Ilan University’s President, Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz.


About the Presidential Award of Distinction

The Presidential Award of Distinction was established by the President of Bar-Ilan University in order to recognize the outstanding contribution of philanthropists and friends from Israel and around the world to the future development and achievements of our institution.

While one of the key criteria for selection is philanthropic support of BIU, this is accompanied by a profound commitment to embracing the vision and advancing the mission of the university; an outstanding demonstration of leadership in the collective Jewish nation; recognition of the importance of higher education in shaping future generations of Jewish leadership and in forging a promising tomorrow; and an abiding love of the Land of Israel and the Zionist values upon which is was built. The Awardee is an individual of great integrity and an exemplary role model.