Bar-Ilan University Awards Honorary Doctorate to UK Businessman and Philanthropist Dr. David Dangoor

Ramat Gan, Israel – Bar-Ilan University last evening awarded an honorary doctorate to British businessman and philanthropist Dr. David Dangoor.


Dangoor was recognized for his “tireless efforts to further education, culture and art throughout the UK and Israel”, according to the citation for the award. Through the Exilarch Foundation, Dr. Dangoor has taken the teachings of his father, Sir Naim Dangoor, and turned them into an exemplary model of philanthropy.  His investment in youth and scientists is manifested by the multitude of the Foundation’s educational programs and by the research it supports in such diverse areas as monotheism and medicine.


In a videotaped response to receiving the honorary doctorate, Dangoor spoke of his primary education in Baghdad, Iraq, and recalled that when his family left there in 1959 his father had to leave everything behind. “All we were able to take out with us was our education, like so many other Jews elsewhere. For that reason I’ve always been like my father — passionate about education and helping people get a good education. It’s something they will have with them all their lives.” Dangoor also noted that he and his family are very passionate about Israel. “Israel is the most revolutionary and dramatic enterprise of the Jewish people in the last 2,000 years,” he said. “Bar Ilan University synthesizes these two passions. It is the one institute of education that holds onto some of the best of the past of what the Jewish people have produced, and yet has an eye always to the future of science, and of learning.” Dangoor concluded by saying that there’s a special reason why he was so excited to receive the award. “Some years ago my father himself received one and I feel that I am following in his footsteps.”


The Dangoor Centre for Personalized Medicine at The Azrieli School of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University, is leading a national effort to advance personalized medicine, which provides patients with diagnoses and treatments that are tailored to their individual biological profiles. This first-of-its-kind centre, allows doctors to provide personalized treatment to patients suffering from a variety of diseases.  Bar-Ilan University is also home to the Dangoor Program for Universal Monotheism, which aims to cultivate peace through truth, ethics, and action in the broad common ground shared by Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other monotheists.


The Honorary Doctorate was awarded to Dangoor in the framework of Bar-Ilan University’s 62nd annual meetings of the Board of Trustees in mid-May.   Additional honorees included French author, philosopher and humanitarian Bernard-Henri Lévy, Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, Friends of the IDF National Chairman Emeritus, USA, Nily Falic, basketball star and Goodwill Ambassador for Israel Tal Brody, Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Avram Hershko, Israeli actress Dvora Kedar, complexity-based cryptography pioneer Prof. Shafi (Shafrira) Goldwasser, and Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical service.