BFBIU Chair visits Bar-Ilan


BFBIU Chair, Romie Tager KC (left); President Arie Zaban (centre); Esther Tager (right)

Last month, BFBIU Chairman, Romie Tager KC, and his wife Esther, visited Bar-Ilan to learn more about the war’s impact on the university.

President Zaban warmly welcomed Romie and Esther back on to campus and expressed his gratitude for their continued commitment and support during these challenging times.

Meeting with Prof. Michal Alberstein, Dean of the Faculty of Law, they heard how the war was affecting Bar-Ilan’s Law students and faculty. Prof. Eitan Shamir, Director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) told them how the Center was helping to dispel myths and fake news, educating people around the world about the war.

Romie and Esther also met Prof. Arie Reich, Bar-Ilan’s Vice Rector, who discussed the redesign of academic courses to accommodate the shortened academic year.