Israel’s future will be shaped by the students of today.

Bar-Ilan runs a multi-branched scholarship programme to support disadvantaged and gifted students.

Your support will provide these students with financial aid for books, living expenses and tuition fees.   

Faculty of Social Sciences

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities at Bar Ilan

Undergraduate Scholarships

No student should be turned away due to financial barriers.

  • Students must prove financial hardships and be approved by the scholarship committee.

  • Bar-Ilan was able to meet 66% of the requests this past year.

  • Donors may designate demographic or Faculty preference

$5,000 per student per year covers full tuition.

Scholarship opportunities at Bar Ilan

The ‘Ilanot’ Scholarship

Undergraduate scholarship that is merit-based.

  • Only the highest achievers (based on high school grades/SAT and psychometric tests) can apply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship covers tuition fees, living stipend and enrichment seminars

$7,500 per student per year.

Scholarship opportunities at Bar Ilan

MA & MSc Scholarships

Merit-based scholarship awarded to high-achieving MA and MSc students.

Donors may designate demographic or Faculty preference.

$10,000 per student per year.

Scholarship opportunities at Bar Ilan

Doctoral Fellowships of Excellence

  • For PhD students in all fields who demonstrate academic excellence

  • Donors may designate demographic or Faculty preference

$25,000 per year per student

$100,000 to sponsor one student for the 4 year duration of his/her PhD studies.

Scholarship opportunities at Bar Ilan

Post-Doctoral Scholarships

​For post-doctoral research students who have demonstrated outstanding academic progress.

Donor may designate demographic or Faculty preference

$35,000 per year per student

Scholarship opportunities at Bar Ilan

Scholarship Stories

“I am 23 years old, and a single parent of a two-year old, beautiful girl.

I work with Chimes Israel, an agency that helps children and adults with special needs, as part of my national service. I work as a guide there now and I really love my job.

As a rehabilitation instructor and volunteer coordinator, I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I have every day. I enrolled in Bar-Ilan for a degree in human resource management so that I can grow in my field and position. I study in the evening and work full time so that I get what I need while making sure my daughter’s daycare, food, clothing, and everything else she needs is covered.

I want to express my great appreciation and say thank you for this scholarship. I do not take for granted that there are people in the world, like you, who understand how important a good education is for people like me.

Thank you for helping me become a success.”

Scholarship Stories

“I am 27 years old, and a second-year graduate student in clinical criminology at Bar-Ilan University.

I earned my first degree in psychology from the International Center in Herzliya and received financial aid throughout my undergraduate education. Deciding to go to college was not easy for me, because I come from a family that cannot afford tuition in such a prestigious place.

School is very important to me and I just couldn’t give up the opportunity to achieve my dreams. As a result, I worked as a waitress for a year to pay my tuition bills. After completing my bachelors, I was accepted to the graduate program in clinical criminology at Bar-Ilan University. Between my bachelors and masters, I worked as a rehabilitation instructor for the mentally ill in a residential setting. I worked intense shifts while also volunteering at the psychiatric ward of Abarbanel and the Open Door Association.

I still work at the residential program, but I am unable to work the long shifts I once did; I now work twice a week from noon to evening and some mornings.

These are all the reasons why your scholarship is so important to me. I want to thank you very much for the generous support as it will help me be the success I know I can be and, give me a little breathing room so I can focus on my studies and theses, without figuring out when I can work. Additionally, your gift has helped to lower my anxiety levels and the consuming thoughts that often creep into my heart and mind when it comes to finances.

I want to add that your scholarship is significant, not only to me, but to everyone who receives it. That means a lot to me and says so much about your kindness and character.”

Scholarship Stories

“I am 34 years old, married, and a father or two. I hold a bachelor’s degree in public policy and administration from Sapir Academic College in the Negev, and additional training in my field from courses I took at Amity University in Jerusalem. I pride myself on being a public servant, activist and social entrepreneur who has been engaged in formal national education for many years.

Being able to contribute to society and the State of Israel is what guided my path even before I drafted into the IDF.  After I was released from the army, despite losing two friends in combat, my desire to contribute to society and the State of Israel came naturally.

I would like to thank you for helping me with this scholarship, as your help has been significant to me. It is thanks to you that I will be able to finish my master’s degree and let go of some of the worries I have about paying for my education.  Although I have been able to pay for some of my studies this year, doing so has left me with a negative balance. This makes supporting my family difficult and very challenging.

I will continue to work very hard in school.  You can be sure that I will graduate and become a real success.”

Scholarship Stories

“I am pursuing a master’s degree in social work at Bar-Ilan University.  I will be completing a thesis in two specialty areas, rehabilitation and health, before I graduate. 

I was born in November of 1973 in Tajikistan.  I graduated from music school, where I studied piano, at the same time I completed high school.  I arrived in Israel in 1992 following the war in Tajikistan, and have three brothers. I am a mom to two beautiful daughters.

I have dealt with many crises in my lifetime, including struggles as an immigrant, divorce, poverty, and recreating myself both personally and professionally.  As a single mom and the only breadwinner, I delayed my dream of becoming a social worker for many years.  Despite my struggles for the last 15 years, I made sure to save every single shekel in order to get to school and fulfill my destiny while raising my daughters by myself.

I am currently working at a job that partially covers our household expenses and tuition, when added to the money I saved. Unfortunately, even with my job and savings, I am below the poverty line.  I see the field I chose as a way for me to help others in all ways, including breaking the cycle of poverty.  This is one of the reasons it is so important for me to give back to my Bukhari community, especially through the research I am doing now towards my degree. This is an important study, especially for a population that has not received sufficient research or attention, both theoretically and practically.

My course load of 4 full days a week does not leave me with enough time to earn a living, pay tuition, or pay my living expenses. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the scholarship you gave me.  It helps significantly and serves as a true lifeline.”

Scholarship Stories


Thank you so much for this scholarship!

At the end of the summer of 2017, I finished two years of National Service as a museum guide in a museum of the Defence Ministry, and straight away began my Law degree and have now finished my second year of studies.

I live in Hadera, my parents are divorced. I was brought up by a single mother who is the only breadwinner in the family, and makes a very small salary.

My father, who passed away a year ago, was disabled as a result of his army service, and this has affected my deeply.

I have two younger brothers who live at home, and since the age of 16 I have worked to add some income to the family.

You will understand that this scholarship has been a light at the end of a long tunnel for me, and also for other needy students. I gives us the peace of mind to study and focus solely on succeeding.”

Scholarship Stories

“I would like to thank you for the scholarship you granted me so that I could afford my studies without any problems or hitches. I am the first in a family to begin higher education and my mother cannot pay my tuition. Therefore, I work very hard to finance it. As you know I’m a Russian immigrant; I made Aliyah at age 5, and since then I’ve fallen in love with this country. Despite all the difficulties and uncertainties about studying at the university, I decided that I would go for it, and I would learn and succeed. Thank you for taking a significant part in this by helping me complete my BA.

I intend to continue learning toward a master’s degree but still don’t know in which subject. I intend to continue working hard in order to finance these studies as well. With Hashem’s help, I will also obtain a master’s degree.

For me, studying at this university is a very important and significant milestone, because as the oldest in my family, I feel that I should be an example to my younger brother. Despite the numerous difficulties and obstacles along the way, with strong will and perseverance, everything we want can be achieved.

Thanks again for all your help and consideration. I was very surprised that I received the scholarship because I didn’t know that such a fund existed, and I certainly didn’t think I could obtain assistance from it.

I wish you the best for your hard and dedicated work. It is my hope that you will be able to gratify many more people who want to study but frequently have not even the remotest possibility. Thus, you are their ray of light in the endless darkness.”

Sponsorship Opportunities

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