Bar-Ilan Report into Antisemitism on American Campuses


“The antisemitic protests and activities on university campuses across the United States are well funded and well planned. The antisemitic displays on American campuses, including violence against Jewish students, incitement to genocide, justification of rape and severe harassment, are not the result of spontaneous protests.”

In a recent report, Bar-Ilan’s Prof. Gerald Steinberg, head of NGO Monitor, reveals that the university uprisings are tightly coordinated and well-funded by a network of radical and often antisemitic non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP); Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP); Within Our Lifetime; US Campaign for Palestinian Rights; and Samidoun.

Under the guise of human rights and justice, the report reveals these NGOs work to undermine the economic, military and other ties between US and Israel, and to divide the US Jewish community. All these groups, which have non-transparent funding and structure, have supported and justified the 7th October massacre as well as other anti-Israel attacks. Many of the NGOs in the network are linked to officially designated Palestinian terror organizations.

Prof. Steinberg’s report discloses details of some of the organizations involved in the current wave of antisemitic campus activity.

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Founded by Bar-Ilan’s Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the NGO Monitor Institute promotes transparency and exposes racism and human rights abuses among NGOs that are usually immune from criticism. As part of its activity, the Institute publishes periodic reports on the activities of NGOs, particularly as they relate to terrorism, antisemitism and anti-Zionism. The Institute has had advisory status at the United Nations since 2013.