British Council attends Bar-Ilan Climate Conference


The British Council’s senior programme manager and focal point for higher education sector, Iris Barner, recently attended Bar-Ilan’s annual Law, Climate & Environment conference.

The conference hosted the State Comptroller of Israel, Matanyahu Englman who presented the principles of his report on legislation and governmental action on climate change. Read the report here.

The British Council, through its Wohl Clean Growth Alliance grants, has funded UK-Israel research collaboration focusing on climate legislation. This funding has supported Bar-Ilan’s Prof. Oren Perez, the conference organiser, to collaborate with Prof. Veerle Heyvaert from the London School of Economics on climate legislation, with the goal of Israel learning from the UK experience. Other grantees partnering on the topic are Prof. Yael Lifshitz from King’s College London and Prof. Yotam Bar-Ilan from Bar-Ilan who recently held a conference on Energising Private Law.