Honouring Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

The Jonathan Sacks Institute has been launched at an international conference honouring the legacy of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

In January scholars from around the world gathered at Bar-Ilan for a three-day international conference devoted to investigating and furthering the intellectual legacy of the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. The conference was the first-of-its-kind dedicated to the ideas, Jewish political and philosophical thought, and influence of Rabbi Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth.  

Prof. Hanoch Ben-Pazi and Dr. Miriam Feldmann-Kaye, of the Department of Jewish Philosophy, and Prof. Jonathan Rynhold, Head of the Department of Political Studies, organized the event, in partnership with The Rabbi Sacks Legacy. The ‘Jewish News’ sponsored the event.

Lady Elaine Sacks and members of the Sacks family joined conference participants and the Bar-Ilan community at a festive event marking the opening of the conference.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Conference, Bar-Ilan January 2023At the event, University President Prof. Arie Zaban announced that Bar-Ilan will establish The Jonathan Sacks Institute honouring and perpetuating the legacy of Rabbi Lord Sacks. The Institute will initiate programs and research to ensure that Rabbi Lord Sacks’ ideas receive the attention and recognition that they deserve within academia, especially as they relate to contemporary moral, social and political challenges. The Institute will also develop a diverse network of alumni with leadership potential who can make a practical impact on the future of Israeli, Jewish and world society, inspired and guided by Rabbi Sacks’ vision. Prof. Jonathan Rynhold will serve as the initial academic director of The Jonathan Sacks Institute.

Learn more about the new Jonathan Sacks Institute at Bar-Ilan.

We’re currently looking for supporters to help us realize the vision for the new Jonathan Sacks Institute. If you’d like further information please get in touch with Executive Director, Max Dunbar.