£2.7M in Scholarships Given to Student Reservists and Evacuees


Bar-Ilan has kicked off 2024 by providing over £2.7M in scholarships to student reservists and evacuees.

Bar-Ilan granted scholarships to 2,700 students as part of the Academic Armour initiative to support reservists, their spouses, and evacuees. 2,500 of the scholarship recipients are reservists, and 200 are evacuees from the North and South. Each student received an amount ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 NIS.

Approximately 5,000 Bar-Ilan students were recruited to the reserves or displaced from their homes after 7th October. To provide them with financial support, an emergency fund was established and the university’s development teams, including BFBIU, led a global fundraising campaign, raising approximately 20M NIS.

“The Academic Armor initiative includes not just scholarships, but also exemptions from up to three courses, academic credits, support, guidance and course recordings,” clarified Zohar Yinon, CEO of Bar-Ilan University. “Each component of the Academic Armor demands unprecedented logistics and budget allocations of unprecedented scale, to help people who are defending us and safeguarding Israel’s security.”

Further scholarships under Academic Armor will be granted next month.

Bar-Ilan still has over 2,000 students serving in Gaza and the North. These students will need further support.

Help safeguard their academic future by Supporting the Emergency Student Fund here.