Webinar: The Bar-Ilan Professor Who Helped Save A Kibbutz


Professor Eitan Okun of Bar-Ilan’s Brain Research Centre was one of the many unsung heroes of 7th October. His acts of courage and bravery saved numerous lives.

As a member of Kibbutz Alumim’s home front security command forces, Prof. Okun was awakened on that terrible morning, first by rocket sirens, and then by live gunfire from right outside his window. Securing his family in their safe room, he joined the kibbutz security team. With few weapons and even less information, unaware of the breadth and depth of the catastrophic invasion, Eitan and his fellow security team members fought back valiantly for hours against the terrorists committed to murdering everyone on their kibbutz.

Please join us for a personal, heartfelt account from one of Israel’s brave heroes, one of Bar-Ilan’s own, as he shares his personal story from that fateful day, and how it may galvanize us to build and impact a brighter tomorrow, today.

Sunday 28 January, 5:30pm (GMT)