More English-Speaking Courses at Bar-Ilan


Amid rising global antisemitism, which has prompted many Jewish students to question the inclusivity of UK universities, Bar-Ilan is launching new undergraduate programmes in English. It is hoped these new programmes will attract more UK students.

The new English-taught programmes will be:

BSc in Computer Science: Bar-Ilan’s Computer Science department is a world leader in artificial intelligence, robotics, cryptography and cybersecurity, algorithmics, and natural language processing.

BSc in Engineering: The Kofkin Faculty of Engineering offers study tracks in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Information Systems, Data Science Engineering, Software Engineering, and Materials Engineering.

BSc in Life Sciences (Pre-Med): The Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences offers BSc studies in Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Computational Biology (Bioinformatics), and Biophysics.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB): The Faculty of Law specializes in religion and law, sustainability and environmental justice, family law, law and technology, regulation, and conflict resolution and negotiation.

The University is also offering a BSc in Mathematics and Physics to Russian speakers where the first year will be taught in Russian while students study Hebrew.

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