Bar-Ilan Professor briefs UN Security Council on Hostages


Head of Bar-Ilan’s Rackman Centre, Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, was invited by the US delegation to the UN to brief the Security Council at a special session on the situation of the hostages in Gaza and the psychological effects of captivity on the individual and the community as a whole.

Prof. Halperin-Kaddari applauded the initiative to hold the discussion at the Security Council so that the obvious could be stated: kidnapping and holding hostages are blatant violations of international law and of the laws of war. It is the duty of every country to act to secure the unconditional release of every single hostage held in Gaza.

Prof. Halperin-Kaddari called on the Security Council to act against any actor, including states, that are direct or indirect accomplices to this horrendous war crime.

This was the first time since the 7th October that the UN Security Council convened for a special discussion focusing on the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza and assessing ways of securing their release.

Watch the UN Security Council discussion.(Prof. Halperin-Kaddari starts speaking at 02:15)