Honouring Emergency Campaign Donors


In June a special lunch was held at Bar-Ilan in honour of all the donors who supported our emergency student campaigns.

UK supporters, David & Ann Marks, with Bar-Ilan student

In the immediate aftermath of 7th October, Bar-Ilan had launched two emergency campaigns. The first was for portable ultrasound machines, helping save injured soldiers’ lives on the battlefield. A global target $800k was raised, enabling Bar-Ilan to purchase 200 ultrasound machines for immediate use on the frontline.

‘We Have Your Back’ was the second campaign. Over 5,000 Bar-Ilan students were recruited to the reserves or displaced from their homes in October. To provide these students with financial support, the ‘We Have Your Back’ campaign raised approximately $5million, helping cover tuition fees, rent and living costs for reservists, their spouses and evacuees.

All donors were invited to Bar-Ilan for a special luncheon where they were able to meet the students they had helped support.

Many thanks to all our UK donors for supporting Bar-Ilan’s emergency campaigns.